Financial Destination Inc (FDI) – Can You Succeed?

Is Financial Destination INC a scam or the real deal? Before we get started lets do a review of the company, Financial Destination INC was founded in 2003 by Mr. William Andreoli it is a privately held company. The Company headquarters are in Windham, New Hampshire. Financial Destination INC was designed to help the average person maximize, protect and build there way to amazing wealth.

Financial Destination INC Is Not A SCAM. FDI offer services such as Credit Restoration, Certified CPA, A Personal Assistant and much much more all for a very low price. So the question you may ask is the business side a scam well that depends on what do you consider a scam. FDI Pays it representative a lot of money for building there business and teaching others how to do the same. Are the services that FDI offers A scam? FDI services has helped tens of thousands of people with there services that they offer helping individual buy homes with the credit restoration program and much much more. The Big question is do they teach you how to build a successful business a SCAM in a way yes it is a SCAM. First were not talking about payout or income structures the company pays out very well, but do they teach you how to build a business?

Financial Destination INC is based on the old school of network marketing techniques like write a list of 500 people you know, the 3 foot rule, hotel meetings and etc. By following those techniques you have a greater chance to fail in the business, 97% of people fail in network marketing all because they use the old techniques to try and build there business. The correct way to build FDI is they need to be an endless flow of leads and prospects you need to make money from the people that tell you no to the business opportunity.

So whats a better way to build FDI without writing a list of names and talking to everyone you see in shopping malls? You want to build FDI using the internet. The internet is more effective than writing a list of names, hotel meetings and etc. FDI is not going to teach you how to build your business using the internet and generate tons of free leads and new business partners from websites like face book, my space, you tube, twitter and etc. FDI only gives a company website that describe the company, People do business with people not business opportunities you have a much more greater chance to fail in FDI by pitching your business opportunity to everyone.

It Is very important for the FDI business owners to step up and learn the online techniques and tools they need to reach the top of FDI pay plan. Proper internet training will have prospects chasing you instead you chasing them which will make it a lot easier to build FDI and reach the top of the company pay plan in no time. FDI business will continue to build but will yours?

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