Financial Destinations Inc – A Review

The products with Financial Destinations Inc. are divided into four categories: Financial. Personal. Health and Wellness and Communications. Each of these areas contain several products and programs for the individual. Programs that protect your credit, help you manage debt, vision and dental programs. Others include cellular, calling cards, business hardware just to name a few. Final Destinations Inc. seems to have a little bit of everything for the everyday life and a way to save money with them.

There are three memberships levels from which to choose to begin the opportunity with FDI. First Class VIP, Preferred VIP and VIP. The three come with with some or all of the above products. Of course the highest level, First Class, comes with all products. Each level however comes with your own websites and each is personalized to fit you, but this does not guarantee any traffic which will require effort and some skills to build. There is some support available through weekly training calls, regional rallies, internet support and tools. There is support online 24 hours online as well. The rallies and other annual events may be difficult for most newbies to attend at first do to lack of finances.

The compensation is a left to right matrix plan 7 levels deep. This means that you can choose which side a representative you sign up can be on, your right or left. For the serious Multi-Level Marketer, Final Destinations Inc. would be something to look into further if you already have an organization that will follow. Those who are new to Multi-Level Marketing would begin in their warm markets friends and family to begin building their business and opportunity with FDI.

Financial Destinations Inc. is a legitimate business opportunity and viable products such as the nutritional and. credit protection services. Some might find having a friend or family member reluctant at starting a new phone plan and pharmacy program however and this is where Internet marketing could be of great value. For the most part however, this business opportunity will require solid effort in recruiting individuals and having some marketing skills will be a must.

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